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Welcome to Potential Selves

We are a firm that specializes in C-Level executive grooming within medium to large size companies.

We assist organizations in identifying top performers within the organization and mentor them to achieve optimal results.

We welcome all types of organizations.

David Yudis
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The foundation for any development process is to first understand the current situation.  How did we get here?  What is happening at present?  Where do we seek to go?  Assessment provides a holistic view of a person and depending on the tools used to do it, influences the direction an engagement will go.


There are moments in life when we may catch ourselves in an ‘a-ha’ experience.  If we are fortunate to live in that space when it occurs, an opportunity for a turning point presents itself.  Science refers to this state as ‘flow’.  Epiphany is a process that engages a person to reflect on these moments, recapture what they offer and use them to grow forward.

David Yudis
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Potential Selves is a consultancy that makes the road from potential to outcome as brief as humanly possible. We serve C-level executives and leaders who are to be groomed for ambitious new opportunities. Our approach was developed within the most competitive corporate environments.

Our development approach uses a blend of sophisticated talent management, solid behavioral & clinical science, creativity and a network connected with many of the world’s greatest resources.

We deliver leaders who more than live up to their new responsibilities. We deliver role models.

Find out why our skills, talent management background, and business experience support success in your organization.


Creative, Engaging, Visionary, Curious, Perceptive, Competitive, Decisive

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Our unique process can transform your key decision makers into high potential leaders.

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