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The Creativity Method of The Beatles

“As usual, for these co-written things, John often had just the first verse, which was always enough:  it was the direction, it was the signpost and it was the inspiration for the whole song.  I hate the word but it was the template.” – Paul McCartney Fifty years ago on Feb. 9, […]

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How Disney Solved Its Skills-Gap Problem

There are some valuable training lessons to be learned from Walt Disney’s method of developing world-class animators, but companies in China seem to be the only ones taking note. This month’s Vanity Fair magazine features an article on the cohort of animators, now in their 50s, who revolutionized the movie industry in the past […]

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3 Keys to Unlocking Employee Talent

With resources limited and budgets tight, using every ounce of your employees’ talent is vital to your business’ success. While many entrepreneurs stress about running a lean ship, most are actually sitting on a treasure trove of untapped talent. In fact, if your team members are like the thousands of […]

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Sure-Fire Strategies for Career Mediocrity

We all know who they are: the folks who aren’t going anywhere… certainly not out, but probably also not up much either. They play to “not lose” and work to avoid failure. (After all, who wants to fail? It can be so embarrassing and messy.) Here’s how you can be […]