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Shedding the Shackles of Judgment for Better Decision-Making

Passing judgments of others and ourselves hampers our ability to learn. By asking questions differently, we can learn more and make better decisions. I recently set off for a business trip to India. When I boarded my flight at New York’s JFK airport, I arrived at my seat and saw […]

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Building a forward-looking board

Directors should spend a greater share of their time shaping an agenda for the future. Debate over the role of company boards invariably intensifies when things go wrong on a grand scale, as has happened in recent years. Many of the companies whose corpses litter the industrial and financial landscape were […]

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3 Keys to Unlocking Employee Talent

With resources limited and budgets tight, using every ounce of your employees’ talent is vital to your business’ success. While many entrepreneurs stress about running a lean ship, most are actually sitting on a treasure trove of untapped talent. In fact, if your team members are like the thousands of […]

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Potential Selves: On Future Rock Stars

Overnight sensations have been working on their break out performance long before they launch. Why tomorrow’s leaders focus on preparation today. See full article: